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Creating and Maintaining
A Healthy Living Environment

Residential and Commercial Solutions.

Creating and Maintaining
A Healthy Living Environment

Residential and Commercial Solutions.


Rapid Response” State-of-the-Art
“No Touch” Infection Control Technology


Fitness Centers –
eliminate mold, mildew, and other harmful viral/bacterial infections

FitnessSanitation in fitness centers and gyms Centers are hotbeds of germ activity. Norovirus, which causes abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea, can survive for a month on the surface of exercise machines.

The fungi responsible for foot infections multiply very rapidly in the shower. As found in locker rooms, microbes like MRSA, can lead to dangerous skin infections.

A recent study in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine found rhinoviruses on 63 percent of the gym equipment at the fitness centers they tested.

Researchers also discovered that weight equipment was contaminated significantly more often than aerobic equipment (73 percent versus 51 percent). Even worse, the study found that disinfecting the equipment twice a day didn’t do anything to lower the virus count.

Bactronix®  is a science based company that measures, eliminates and prevents bacteria, mold, viruses, fungi, odors and VOC’s from returning. The Two-Step Process is  applied electrostatically and ensures 100% coverage.

Bactronizing is environmentally responsible and does not use toxic chemicals such as ammonias,  bleaches, peroxides or metal-based poisons such as silver or copper ions. The  process creates no harmful by-products or ozone arming VOC’s.


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The Bactrnoizing Process - Mold Mildew Viruse do not stand a chance